What is Bone Marrow Washing?

This Qigong combines meditation with moving Qigong. It is one of the popular Qigong forms therapists like to practice for detoxifying and purifying themselves.

Being able to cleanse one’s body and mind at the deepest level, this practice is well known for its efficiency to purge the stagnant Qi, dirty and sickly Qi, as well as all kinds of negative emotions.

Traditionally, this Qigong is also widely practiced for building up one’s stamina and inner strength, and for promoting one’s perseverance and peak performances both physically and mentally.

Health Benefits of Bone Marrow Washing Qigong

  1. Stimulate and activate the adult stem cells in our bone marrow for ultimate health.
  2. Gently elongate the spine and keep it flexible. Alleviate and cure many spinal problems, such as: herniated disk, stiff neck and shoulder, lower back pain, etc.
  3. Help cure RSI (repeated stress injury) and TOS (thoracic Outlet Syndrome).
  4. Cleanse and de-toxify oneself through purging the stagnant, dirty, and sickly Qi.
  5. Get rid of one’s negative emotions.
  6. Brighten up one’s spirits and help cure depression.
  7. Build up one’s stamina and inner strength.
  8. Improve one’s eyesight and clear one’s mind.

How to Practice Bone Marrow Washing Qigong?

  1. Coordinate your breath with your movements.
  2. Stretch out comfortably through awareness. Reach out to the sky in a leisurely and carefree way.
  3. Enjoy the sensation when you open up your body. Experience how your torso feels when it is being “expanded”
  4. Whenever you move one part of your body, the whole body follows. Cultivate your center-periphery awareness.
  5. Using mantras to help move your Qi.