The Wild Goose Qigong Practices are a complete healing system. It is one of the most famous and widely practiced qigongs in China today. It is well known for its lovely and graceful movements and suggests the image of an innocent carefree wild goose. These special birds have been observed for centuries by the Kunlun Mountain School practitioners who sensed the beauty and harmony of freely flowing energy (Qi or Chi) in these soaring geese.

Contrary to the Western belief of "no pain, no gain," the circular and spiral movements of Wild Goose Qigongs are designed to be played effortlessly and with fluidity. As for the use of awareness, Wild Goose Qigong claims that there is no intentional movements without awareness. Therefore, using too strong an intentionality in one's awareness can only inhibit the gentle moving of Qi. Wild Goose Qigong advocates "wu-wei" (or "non-doing") and "tuo-yi" ("minimizing thought").

As a movement oriented qigong, Wild Goose movements are meant to activate various acupoints and allow energy to flow in the major channels in the front and back of the torso. Wild Goose qigong can increase inner strength and flexibility, improve immune function and circulation, develop breath and movement, and help develop sensitivity to our inner energy flow.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about the Wild Goose qigong is that it is completely enjoyable. The movements are dance-like and feel light and joyful while the meditations are peaceful and relaxing.