New Year Retreat

Wild Goose meditation-6

(Zen Buddhist Aroma-Releasing Meditation)

& Wild Goose Qigong Movement

December 28, 2018 - January 1, 2019

Join Dr. Bingkun Hu for a full 5 days of rejuvenating Wild Goose (WG) Qigong and nourishing meditation. Cleanse out your unhealthy energy and release your negative emotions. Replenish your body and mind with fresh and vibrating energy, and get ready to usher in the New Year with self-confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to improve your WG performance and learn the rarely taught WG meditation-6 from Dr. Bingkun Hu, a direct disciple of Yang Mei-Jun, and one of the most highly qualified Medical Qigong Masters in the West today.

Wild Goose Qigong and meditation is a complete healing system. Having learned various kinds of circular movements in different sets of WG Qigong, we already have some basic experience of how the WG movements are closely related to the awareness of Qi-flow, and since we can start to feel how different breathing patterns can influence different directions of our Qi-flow, we think it is the right time to start teaching some more advanced WG meditation.

Some basic principles in Wild Goose meditation

1) There is no meditation without awareness. But according to the WG system, the more gently we use our awareness, the better the effect.

2) Aside from awareness, WG meditation also uses posture, breathing, movements, mudra, mantra, and imagination to consolidate and refine the circulation of our Qi-flow.

3) In other words, the use of awareness in WG meditation is “Qi-flow” oriented. That is why we place high importance on the Qi-flow directions of our 12 meridians, the conception and governing vessels, as well as the 3 dantians (3 body centers).

Why is this meditation called “Zen Buddhist” meditation?

WG Qigong and meditation belong to the Kunlun School of the Taoist tradition. But since Dao An, the well-known lineage holder of the Jin Dynasty (265-420 A.D.) was a Buddhist Abbot, some of the important Buddhist teachings have been incorporated into the WG system, including this “Zen Buddhist Aroma-Releasing meditation”.

The structure of Wild Goose meditation-6

There are 5 sections in this meditation. In each section, different postures and movements are utilized for making a different “whole body Qi-field”. By first reciting aloud and then saying to yourself the specific mantra, we quiet down our minds, and then maintain a minimum awareness to move our Qi in a subliminal state of mind. In other words, we allow the mantras to provide us with the minimum stimuli to move the Qi. As we all know, stimuli through mantras are usually below the threshold of conscious perception.


“Wu-wei qing-xiang dao tian ding”

(Fresh fragrance of 5 flavors is coming up to my crown)

Posture—Arms and body are stretching.


“Wu-xing chao yang jian tai-yang”

(My 5 internal organs are all facing the sun)

Posture—Cross-legged sitting, hands on the lap. Palms open, facing up.


“Xiang-qi pu man bi”

(My nostrils can smell the fragrance)

Posture—Two knees bent. Right foot is on the floor; left foot is facing the inside of the right ankle.


“Pan-zuo zai zhong-yang”

(I’m sitting cross-legged, hands in the middle)

Posture—Right fist wrapping the left fist (for females), or left fist wrapping the right (for males). Both hands are in front of the sternum.


“Gong-cheng, gong-cheng, lian dan fang xiang ding cheng-gong”

(gong-cheng, gong-cheng, my practice of making elixir and releasing aroma is sure to succeed

Posture—Hands over the knees, with “tiger-mouth” stretched and armpits open

The benefits of practicing Wild Goose meditation-6

1) For developing and maintaining a good body posture.

2) For strengthening ourselves through accumulating more yang energy. This meditation opens our crown and all our yang meridian.

3) For self-detoxification. We purify ourselves by allowing our fresh yang energy to move in a descending direction. It also opens the Bubbling Spring point (K-1); thus allowing us to get rid of our dirty qi through the bottom of our feet.

4) For further relaxing our body and mind through using the olfactory sensation of fragrance.

30 Contact Hours

Certificate for completion of 30 contact hours will be provided for those who have joined or who are planning to join the Wild Goose Teacher’s Training Program.


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Program fee:
$545 before December 14
$585 After December 14, space permitting

To hold your space for the retreat
Please fill out a registration form and send it along with a deposit of $250 postmarked before December 14,
payable to Dr. Bingkun Hu. The balance of $295 is due before December 24.

Mail payments to:
Dr. Bingkun Hu, 2114 Sacramento St., Berkeley, CA 94702

To minimize the cost, we will not be providing lodging for this retreat. Berkeley and El Cerrito, immediately next door to Kensington, both have moderately-priced motels and hotels. It is also possible to find private home and room rentals for those who wish to have their own kitchen. For more information, please call Julie Wellings at 805-646-0068.

For more information about the retreat:
Please contact Julie Wellings:
or call 805-646-0068








This retreat will be held in Kensington next door to Berkeley

Arlington Community Church

52 Arlington Avenue
Kensington, CA 94707







retreat registration form Download Registration Form/Retreat Flyer


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