Summer Retreat

JUNE 25-29, 2016
Wild Goose Meditation - 6

in Kensington, CA

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All levels, beginners welcome.


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January 23
Wild Goose - 3 (Kunlun Bagua)


February 13
Wild Goose - 6 (Patting Along the Meridians)


March 12
Wild Goose - 12 (Qigong for the Kidneys)


April 9
Primordial Qigong--A Detailed Analysis


May 14
Grounding vs. Floating


June 11
Limbs - Torso Coordination

Kensington, CA (next to Berkeley)

Arlington Community Church
52 Arlington Avenue
Kensington, CA 94707 map




Two-Day Workshop   go to schedule MORE INFO

April 16-17
Wild Goose X (WG Palms Qigong)

Soquel, CA (next to Santa Cruz)

Subud House
3800 Soquel San Jose Road
Soquel, CA 95073 map


Dr. Hu
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Summer Retreat
June 25-29, 2016
Wild Goose Meditation-6 (Zen Buddhist Aroma Releasing Meditation)
Kensington, CA (next to Berkeley)

Join Dr. Bingkun Hu for a week of nourishing Wild Goose Meditation and rejuvenating Qigong.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to deepen your experience of Qi and to learn the self-healing Wild Goose practices in a lovely, close-to-nature setting, conveniently located in the quiet town of Kensington, just bordering Berkeley; from a highly qualified master, at a very affordable price.

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Wild Goose Qigong is a complete healing system. It is one of the most widely practiced styles of Qigong in China today. It is well known for its lovely and graceful movements that suggest an innocent and carefree wild goose. Wild Goose Qigong is a safe and powerful way to make your body stronger, your mind sharper and your mood happier. The movements and postures naturally open the twelve meridians, and induce Micro-Cosmic Orbit to circulate within the governing and conception vessels.