(Berkeley, Soquel)
(All levels, beginners welcome)

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Since our introduction of "Wild Goose Rhythm" in our last year's workshops, many Wild Goose enthusiasts have become interested in exploring the fasincating "3 + 2" Wild Goose rhythm. More importantly, they started to pay attention to their own breathing patterns. They found out how Reverse Abdominal Breathing (RAB) can stretch out their bodies with ease. How gravity helps them bend over or dip down, and how adding an accent to a movement can create a different rhythm, as well as let them feel more relaxed. This year in our Berkeley monthly workshops, we will continue to be mindful of the recurrent alternation of strong and weak beats while practicing Wild Goose Qigong


January 18
Stretching into better health

February 8
Enjoy the "3 + 2" rhythm

March 8
Let gravity help you bend over or dip down

April 12
Alternating big and small movements

May 10
Pay attention to joints coordination

June 7
Differentiate the meditative & the accented movements



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March 29-30
Bone Marrow Washing

Dr. Hu
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Save the Date
June 21 - 25, 2014
Kensington, CA

Join Medical Qigong Master, Dr. Bingkun Hu for a fun-filled, rejuvenating five days of Wild Goose Qigong in the quiet and lovely town of Kensington (just next door to Berkeley).

Wild Goose Qigong is a complete healing system. It is one of the most widely practiced styles of Qigong in China today. It is well known for its lovely and graceful movements that suggest an innocent and carefree wild goose. Wild Goose Qigong is a safe and powerful way to make your body stronger, your mind sharper and your mood happier. The movements and postures naturally open the twelve meridians, and induce Micro-Cosmic Orbit to circulate within the governing and conception vessels.


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